Shelter in the storm


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Matt Gudel


Matt is from Switzerland, born and raised.  Music and worship have played a big role in Matt’s life from an early age. With his dad being a successful and well-known songwriter and worship leader across Switzerland, he was brought up in a family of worshippers. 

From a young age, Matt knew that God had called him to lead people in worship. Matt started playing guitar and singing in the kids program of his church at the early age of 10. This continued in his teenage years as he played with a youth band at different church camps and youth events across the country.
Matt has also been part of important worship events hosted by his church, Bewegung Plus CLZ Burgdorf, such as “Get Ready”.
This church and its spiritual leaders are well-known for their pioneering worship music in Switzerland. This had a massive influence on Matt, which allowed him to gain experience in leading worship in this church and their events.
After finishing a one-year training in the Swiss Army, Matt moved to Ireland when he was 20. He started a worship internship in Dublin Vineyard. This gave him the opportunity to work closely with the worship pastor to help him create and shape a new worship culture, both spiritually and musically for this church. He still continues serving  at Dublin Vineyard.

Songwriting and worship leading has been a part of Matt’s life for the last 10 years now. Matt’s debut Album “Shelter In The Storm” reflects his journey with God in a very intimate way. He has experienced that through the storms of life, if you depend on God and on his Word on a day-to-day basis, this can change your life forever. These experiences have now taken form of lyrics and music on this album.





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Shelter In The Storm

by Matt Gudel



"I've known Matt since kindergarten – he's the real deal when it comes to worship! A man who's faithfully been serving in the worship ministry from childhood onwards with a unique determination to go higher in God. He leads a life that is dedicated to serve and seek God first and he writes songs that express that passion and conviction. Can't wait to hear his first album!"


Dan Zeltner
Senior Pastor Equippers Zurich, Switzerland & Director of ONE HEART Worship Academy


"Matt and Worship - the first cannot be without the second. Ever since I've known Matt, he has lived for worship, and even more for helping people thereby to encounter God.


Matthias Wenk
Worship Pastor & Theologian - CLZ BewegungPlus, Burgdorf, Switzerland.




"Matt’s heart for worship and his songs have touched and encouraged many people to love God and to trust Him again and again."


Stufi Schranz
Pastor - CLZ BewegungPlus, Burgdorf, Switzerland.


"I have seen Jesus change Matt over the years I have know Matt.  Matt’s songs come from a place of encounter and transformation by Jesus at work in his life.  I can think of no higher commendation."


Seán Byrne
Lead Pastor - Dublin Vineyard, Ireland.


“I’ve had the privilege of working with Matt for the last 4 years. And I can honestly say, if you were to cut Matt, he would bleed Worship for Jesus. He has a strong life code of offering nothing but the best to God. His songs are a deep reflection of what has happened in his heart in the last few years and how God has transformed him and continues doing so. It was an honor for me to produce this album; to get a closer look to Matt’s heart, as an artist and as a worshipper, and to be able to put all of this together in the form of songs; songs that speak volumes about walking with Jesus through thick and thin. I hope you are blessed as you listen to this album.”

Eyderman Becerra

Music Artist and Producer, Missionary for Amoveo, Worship Pastor - Dublin Vineyard, Ireland.